" Eat the Street "

Damit der Tag ein rockiges Ende nimmt, haben wir für euch eine Aftershowparty mit fetzigen Bands organisiert, die für bounzige Stimmung sorgen werden und alle auf der Tanzfläche auf Trab halten.....here we go

Red Lights Flash

This permanent four-piece from the heart of Europe started off as a punk/hardcore band in 1997 and released their debut album "Stop When..." on the Vienna-based punk label Remedy Records, followed by first touring experiences. With "And Time Goes By", the second full-length in 2002, the band gained the opportunity to release on Householdname Records of London, leading to more touring highlighted by a really successful Anti Flag Europe Tour Support in 2003. As a pleasant result they got sensationally signed by the Anti Flag owned Label A-F Records from Pittsburgh, P.A., USA in 2004 and released their third full-length album “Free” which is still getting consistently terrific response, so it also was licensed in South America by Enemy One Records, Sao Paulo in 2006. Until this day, Red Lights Flash played more than 600 shows all over Europe, including prosperous tour supports for Rise Against, Alexisonfire, Anti Flag and Strike Anywhere as well as headlining tours in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany and Austria.

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Bloodsucking Zombies

At the beginning of the 18th century, the priest Paul Praetorius Pachelbl was thrown on the pyre by a furious mob - after the spiritual had massacred the total Thomaner boys choir. However at the last moment, he was abducted by extraterrestrial pirates, which made him their slave. Many years later Pachelbl was freed from his life of slavery by Mr. Evilize, a brutal and most fearsome space pirate. Evilize took him to his home planet, the planet Transylvania. . Transylvania is the root of all evil, a place of frightening and endless torment this state of mind is fitting to all that dwell on this planet. From here Mr.Evilise roves his territories as he has for centuries as a sort of lawless tramp always on the search for blood and prey but until now always alone. That has changed and Mr. Evilize has found his only real ally in Pachelbl, who he has dubbed "The Reverend Bloodbath"...........

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.sPout. was founded in April 1998 in Austria.

In 2002 the band released their "official" debut album "The ultimate love connection" on Pate Records (Austria), RB Records (Japan) and amazon.de (Germany).

In 2005 .sPout. released their 2nd album "We brake for nobody" on our own record company called ruff.tunes Records (Austria), Licensing with RB Records (Japan), Nova Bomb Records (UK) and hugemusic / amazon.de (Germany).

On the 20.04.2007 .sPout. release their new longplayer called .sPout. - "we're goin' straight to hell" also on their own record company ruff.tunes records! Check it out! Earache guaranteed!

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Sole Method

Modern Thrash Metal straight into your face - that's the musical determination of Sole Method.

Driving rhythms, thundering bass down low and aggressive modern metal riffs will shock your mind and rock your world!

From the idyllic and marvellous hills of south-eastern Austria, no-one would expect a monster of Modern Thrash Metal to run you over and knock you down; but should you have had such an experience you have just got in the way of Sole Method!
Their new promo CD "Down" goes straight for your neck and will not release the tension on your banging muscles until you bleed for them! No moments for breathing and recovery will be granted to you at their live shows, so prepare for the ultimate Metal experience!

"We are not trying to re-invent Metal", says Michael. "European Metal often seems to lack dynamics and is not really open-minded for new ideas and grooves.
What we want to do is go the American way of mixing modern sounds and grooves and adapt that to our style of playing Heavy Metal." The result of which is a bastard of driving aggressive Thrash Metal riffs that cut into your brains just to be banged out again by groove and mosh parts breaking your neck muscles.

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Father and Gun

ladies and gentlemen... a new hardcore band coming from the dirty south... rough and straight...ready to dance?...with members from bounz the ball, the minute between, stimulus x and paid for reality... FATHER AND GUN is a mixture between old (school) and a young modern sound...we are working on our first recordings at the moment to hit the road as fast as possible again...we don't want to change the world, but FATHER AND GUN will change your life...probably ;)

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Dedicated to

DEDICATED to is a small-town band on its way to big-time glory.

Four guys from Draßmarkt in Burgenland, a village with just about 1,000 inhabitants...... 3000 pigs, 10,000 chickens, 1 soccer field, 1 marching band and 2 pubs.
In this small village one can either live and die or start a band. DEDICATED to chose the latter.
The band joined together as DEDICATED to in 2001 and was first recognizes as a rising sensation when, as a fledgling 2-month-old band, it won the "America is Waiting" newcomer-band contest.
Since then, DEDICATED to has finessed its style and technique, shunning conventional music genres to merge punk rock with ska and crossover to create its own distinctive sound. Evocative and revolutionary lyrics and soulful flares of trumpet especially distinguish DEDICATED to´s music.
These rocking characteristics are what helped DEDICATED to to place second out of 300 bands from Austria and Slovenia at the Aerodrome On Stage Tour in April 2005. The band´s hit song "Take me back" can now be heared on the Aerodrome 2005 sampler CD, along with tracks by Rammstein, Slipknot and Paradise Lost, which appeared at the 2005 show.

100% Cotton

100%Cotton, a band from the south-east of Austria, was founded in winter 2004 and after just 7 rehearsals they played their first gig. At the beginning their style of music was not really defined but in the last years the sound of the band has changed into a mix of punk-rock.
The Cottons recorded their first demo cd “Preview to the past” in Vienna at “The Loft” studio in summer 2005.
They played and still play a lot of national shows and were participants of the “European Start 2005/06” in Hungary and the “European Music Meeting” in Austria.
After a lot of work the Cottons developed their own style of music and so they recorded their first album “Creatures under my bed” at the “Stress-Studio” in Graz in January 2007 which is available since October 27th at 100%Cotton concerts, rise or rust records and several shops like the sunset star,...
The common attitude of the band is reflected in their songs. The songs contain serious topics about politics, society, corruption, oppression as well as songs about girls, sex, drugs and rock´n´roll.

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